Sunday, December 23, 2018

Chasing Fire

CHASING FIRE, An I-Team/Colorado High Country Crossover Novel is out!
When a raging wildfire threatens to burn Scarlet Springs to the ground, Eric Hawke and the members of the Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue Team join together with Marc Hunter (I-Team) and his cop buddies to save the town they love.
Here's what readers are saying:
"Merging the I-Team and Scarlet Springs together for one big battle against Mother Nature was freaking brilliant!! Almost all the characters from both series were present, making this a mini-reunion with all the feels!"
—Julie, 5-star review, Amazon
"I started this book at 9 p.m. and was up until 1:45 because I could not put it down until I knew what happened."
—TigMode, 5-star review Amazon
"In keeping with her penchant for excellence in storytelling, Ms. Clare hit a home run with this latest book. I so enjoyed the seamless manner in which both the I-Team and the Scarlet Springs stories together. The plot keeps you engrossed throughout, I could not put the book down!"
—Cherylann, 5-star review, Amazon
Grab your copy today, and heat up your holiday.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Morocco: Design from Casablanca to Marrakesh by Lisl & Landt Dennis

Living in Morocco: Design from Casablanca to MarrakeshLiving in Morocco: Design from Casablanca to Marrakesh by Landt Dennis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This Coffee Table Book is filled with stunning photographs of rooms decorated with vibrant textiles, landscapes, rooftop gardens, detailed explanations of each photograph.
My husband and I recently went on a vacation in Marrakech Morocco. We saw many beautiful buildings, visited old palaces, gardens and museums. Marrakech is a beautiful city that’s as clean as Disney World! The Moroccan people are openly friendly, the souks and shops that we visited were fabulous and we came home feeling inspired.

While this book was published in 1992, the information within is pages is still very relevant today.

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Tanjia Marrakchia: Culinary Adventures at Dar Les Cigognes by E.P. Lenderking

Tanjia Marrakchia: Culinary Adventures At Dar Les CigognesTanjia Marrakchia: Culinary Adventures At Dar Les Cigognes by E. P. Lenderking
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started reading this “cook book” while my husband and I were staying at the Riad Dar Les Cigognes in Marrakech Morocco earlier this month. We had many meals at our Riad, I was very delight to discover all of which are recipes in this book. I’ve made several of the recipes from this book and am very pleased with how our meals have turned out.
This is the perfect addition to my Travel Book collection.

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The Berbers of Morocco by Alan Keohane

The Berbers Of MoroccoThe Berbers Of Morocco by Alan Keohane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was first published in 1991. It’s a Coffee Table Book- one filled with stunning photographs. Each page has either a Black & White or Color Photo which is rich in details. The description with each photo tells you the who, what & where is going on.
It’s a beautiful addition to my travel book collection.

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Marrakesh by Design by Maryam Montague

Marrakesh by Design: Decorating with All the Colors, Patterns, and Magic of MoroccoMarrakesh by Design: Decorating with All the Colors, Patterns, and Magic of Morocco by Maryam Montague
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

While most people think that I read fiction 24/7, that's really not the case. I read a vast variety of books.

I collect Travel Books on places that I've been to. Sometimes I have to order them online as there aren't any books shops in some of the locations in where I've traveled OR there aren't any books printed in the English language.

My copy is a paperback edition that was printed in China

I found this book to be very comprehensive- covering many different Moroccan color pallets and styles. There are photographs of kitchens, bathrooms, transitional spaces and living spaces plus gardens and rooftop living spaces are covered. It’s given me much inspiration on bringing a bit of Moroccan Design into my own home.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Audiobook Review of Embattled Hearts by J.M. Madden

One of the things that can turn a reader off  while listening to an audio book is the narration. Is the narrators cadence smooth and words pronounced correctly? One of my personal pet peeves is when certain syllables in words are over exaggerated or  overemphasized.
 I found the narration of this book by Eric G. Dove to be amazing! This book has been brought to life by his smooth reading style and even speaking cadence.  Author JM Madden writes in a manner that hooks you from the first sentence...she gets you invested in the characters and her writing style pulls you to read more of the book than you actually have time for (my poor family has had to order take out more than once). THIS is where audiobooks are such a wonderful change of pace for me. 
This story of John Palmer and Shannon Murphy is filled with excitement, lust, mystery and one heck of a storyline that ends in an HEA. Ms Madden writes in a manner that doesn't glamorize or patronize our wounded heroes, but in fact brings them into real life situations and shows that feel as if they are every bit as real as me or you, they have hopes of finding real love and fears about being accepted/rejected because their physical scars. John Palmer with his broody nature is one of my favorite characters and listening to this book really brought his persona and personal issues into real perspective. 
I give this Audiobook 5 stars 
Below is my review from 2016

Embattled Hearts (Lost and Found, #1)Embattled Hearts by J.M. Madden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

John Palmer is a combat modified Marine who's one of the three owners if Lost and Found detective agency. Shannon Murphy is the office manager who fantasizes about about the possibilities of a romantic relationship with one of her bosses -John Palmer.
John is still carrying a lot of resentment about the accident that ended his military career. He's been fantasizing about the possibility of Shannon ever needing a man like him. He feels as if he could be enough and she wonders if he would let her into his heart.
Trust me, you'll laugh, cry and fall in love with all of the guys from the Lost and Found agency! You'll get hooked on the series and look forward to the stories of each of the men and women getting their much deserved HEA!

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

review A Soldier's Forever by Lynne St. James

A Soldier's Forever (Beyond Valor #2)A Soldier's Forever by Lynne St. James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a rewrite from a Kindle World book by author Lynne St James
This review is going to be short sweet and right to the point...
A Soldier's Forever will hit you right in the heart! Bring the tissues because you ARE going to need them. I think that Miss St. James has found her calling with Military Romance!

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Chasing Fire

CHASING FIRE, An I-Team/Colorado High Country Crossover Novel is out! When a raging wildfire threatens to burn Scarlet Springs to the gro...